Worship Services & Events

Worship Services & Events

Worship is the central activity for which every human is created.  Simply put, worship is the recognition and deep enjoyment of God’s excellent nature.  Worship is the end for which God has redeemed us from sin and reconciled us through Christ to himself.

Therefore, we have a high view of the Lord’s Day worship.  God created man to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, and we believe that this is done in a very special way at each Sunday worship service.  While individual worship should take place every day, the strength of our individual devotion flows from the corporate life we share in Christ as embodied in our worship on Sundays.

The elements of our Sunday worship are praise and adoration, confession of sin, prayer, reading and preaching of the Word, and administration of sacraments.

Worship Service Order

We Enter God’s Presence
Call to Worship
Prayer of Adoration

We Confess Our Faith
The Apostles’ Creed
Hymn of Adoration

We Confess Our Sins and Receive God’s Pardon
Responsive Reading
Confession of Sin
Assurance of Pardon of Sin
Tithe and Offering

We Hear God’s Word
Intercessory Prayer
Scripture Reading

We Respond to God

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